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hard to hide

name | Cadogan Eamon Thomas
nicknames | Cion
age | 27 28 29
suit | Diamonds
rank | 10
height | 5' 11"
weight | 149 lbs
zodiac | Scorpio

important tidbits |
♦ Cadogan was born without fully developed vocal cord
♦ Fluent in BSL and ISL; working knowledge of ASL, TCÉ, written English and written Welsh; other bits and pieces from travelling with his parents while they were on diplomatic tour
♦ First murmurs of the Deck from a childhood friend, Helena
♦ Dropped into the armed service at the age of 17 when further education was deemed unnecessarily expensive; settled with 3 Royal Welsh.
♦ Left Reserve to join Helena in the Suit of Diamonds at the age of 23
♦ Rose swiftly and methodically, attaining the rank of 10 after Helena's ascension to Jack

biographical notes |
Cadogan Eamon Thomas was born in a small hospital in Berlin, New Hampshire, to Peter Einion Thomas and Roisin Thomas, nee O'Connor. It was noticed fairly quickly that he didn't vocalize--and the cause of underdeveloped vocal cords discovered. His parents took the news well enough, adding learning BSL to their already busy schedules. Peter, a career diplomat, spent less time focused on it, constantly moving around and rarely seeing the boy anyway. After living in a scattering of European nations at his mother's side, it was deemed best when he turned 9 to simply plop him into school in the family hometown of Llanfyllin where his grandparents could keep watch over him. Only... they couldn't. He was horrible at keeping still in one place after nine years of traveling. It made him antsy and irritable, getting into scraps with the other boys in their little town on a daily basis.

Meeting Helena changed that. She was younger than he was, much happier, someone he could look after. Looking after her made him feel purposeful. His grandparents and her aunts encouraged it. For a while, it seemed to work. Then, unfortunately, it made things worse. He started fighting because people bothered Helena, because they talked to Helena, because they looked at her the wrong way. It was getting worse, more violent, overly aggressive when he wasn't actually with the girl. His mother returned to Llanfyllin, which again briefly fixed the problem--someone else to look after. He almost started doing well in school, almost stopped bashing other boy's heads against walls. Only then he met Aisling and, as often happens when a boy meets a girl, the recklessness increased tenfold.

So about ten years ago, age 17, his father had enough. Cadogan was kicked out of his family home and thrown into the Reserve. It was probably the best thing that had ever happened to him. The Reserve gave him discipline, outlet, a reason to stand still and wait: the inevitable release that allowed him to completely let loose with a cold precision when the leash was slipped. He built the face he's worn since in the Army, cold, quiet, everything pushed down entirely. After the initial shock, seventeen became the best year of his life.

The next six built up. Never deployed, always training, he began feeling the faint hairs of stagnation again. Fortunately, at age 23, an old familiar face reappeared--Helena, heading back to the Deck. It seemed as good a gamble as any. The rest is history.

Christmas 2012
just a soul

- Receiving cake and a calenigg

- Receiving cake and a hat

- Receiving cake et al:
Sophie - necklace
Silas – bottle of Penderyn
Adrien – cufflinks
Leigh – jacket
Sitara – children’s books in French

fairy tale 100;
hard to hide
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timeline of events
just a soul
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character survey
and I get my share
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